Is your child itching to break free from closed quarters? Now they can explore music, art, yoga, cooking, and gardening…summer camp style!

Campasorri delivers a unique, interactive experience that involves patience, focus, mindfulness, and kindness in a fun and dynamic environment!

All the fun happens on-site at local schools, parks, and select public venues.

Summer Camp Enrichment Tracks

Sing, play, and compose fun & catchy music through unique musical instruments!
Hum Ohm (come home) with happy & focused children through yoga, meditation, & Pranayama!
Foster your child’s inner Picasso or Monet using paint, clay, and other creative mediums!
Watch your children grow in patience, kindness, & discipline through the beauty of botany!
Bring out the inner chef in your child using flavorful ingredients and fusion recipes!


We have flexible programs anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks

What to bring

Allergen free snacks
Change of clothes

How do I sign up?

Single track and mixed mixed programing sessions are being created now.
For Further Details, Contact Us: